Types of Contract Document in Construction

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Construction projects involve numerous legal and technical documents that formalize the terms, conditions, and responsibilities of the parties involved in the project. Depending on the project`s size, complexity, and nature, various types of contract documents are used in construction. These documents provide a clear understanding of the obligations and expectations of the contractor, owner, architect, engineer, and other parties involved in the project. In this article, we will discuss the most commonly used types of contract documents in construction.

1. Owner-Contractor Agreement

The owner-contractor agreement is the primary legal document that outlines the terms and conditions for the construction project. It involves a written agreement between the owner of the project and the contractor responsible for building the structure. The agreement includes details on the scope of work, contract price, payment terms, project schedule, and other essential information. This document sets the foundation for the entire construction project.

2. Subcontractor Agreement

Subcontractor agreements are contracts between the general contractor and other contractors or subcontractors who are hired to perform a specific set of tasks. This document outlines the scope of work, payment terms, and project schedule for the subcontractor. It also includes the responsibilities of the subcontractor, such as obtaining permits, hiring workers, and providing equipment.

3. Architect-Contractor Agreement

The architect-contractor agreement outlines the responsibilities of the contractor in working with the architect or engineer responsible for designing the structure. This document stipulates the contractor`s obligations in complying with the design plans, scheduling meetings with the architect, providing feedback, and updating the architect on construction progress.

4. Change Order

The change order document is used when there are revisions or additions to the scope of work or design plans. It specifies the new work to be done, the time required to complete the changes, and updated payment terms. This document is essential to maintaining a clear understanding of the project`s progress and avoiding conflicts between parties.

5. Purchase Order

Purchase orders are documents used to order and purchase materials, goods, and services required for the construction project. This document outlines the type and quantity of materials, the delivery date, and the payment terms.

6. Payment Bond

A payment bond is a document that ensures that the contractor will pay all subcontractors, suppliers, and laborers involved in the project. The bond serves as a guarantee that the contractor will fulfill their financial obligations.


In conclusion, construction projects involve numerous legal and technical documents that formalize the terms and conditions of the project. The owner-contractor agreement, subcontractor agreement, architect-contractor agreement, change order, purchase order, and payment bond are the most commonly used types of contract documents in construction. These documents play an essential role in ensuring that the project is completed successfully and that all parties involved are aware of their obligations. Therefore, it is critical to have a skilled and experienced team of legal and technical professionals to handle the contract documents in construction projects.