Procedure for Online Rent Agreement in Pune

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Renting a property in Pune can be a great option for people who are looking for a temporary or permanent place to live. With the rise of the internet and online platforms, the procedure for online rent agreements in Pune has become much simpler and more accessible. In this article, we will take you through the procedure for creating an online rent agreement in Pune.

Step 1: Find a reliable online platform

The first step towards creating an online rent agreement is to find a reliable online platform that offers this service. Make sure you do a thorough search and read reviews before you choose a platform.

Step 2: Fill in the details

Once you have chosen your platform, you will need to fill in the details required for the rent agreement. These details may include the names of the tenants and landlord, the rental property address, the monthly rent amount, the security deposit amount, and the payment schedule.

Step 3: Sign the agreement

After filling in the details, the next step is to sign the online rent agreement. Both the landlord and the tenant will have to sign the agreement digitally. Make sure you read the agreement carefully before signing so that you are aware of all the terms and conditions.

Step 4: Get the agreement notarized

Once the agreement has been signed, you will need to get it notarized. This can be done by a notary public who will verify the signatures on the agreement. It is important to note that notarization is required for the agreement to be legally binding.

Step 5: Pay the stamp duty

You will also need to pay the stamp duty for the online rent agreement. This can be done online or by visiting the nearest stamp office. Make sure you have a copy of the agreement, as you will need to submit it along with the stamp duty payment.

Step 6: Get the agreement registered

The final step is to get the agreement registered. This can be done by visiting the sub-registrar’s office and submitting the notarized agreement along with the stamp duty payment receipt. Once the agreement is registered, you will receive a copy of the registered agreement.


Creating an online rent agreement in Pune is a simple and straightforward process. Make sure you choose a reliable online platform, fill in the required details, sign the agreement, get it notarized, pay the stamp duty, and get it registered. By following these steps, you can ensure that your online rent agreement is legally binding and protects both the landlord and tenant.